"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"
Joshua 24:15
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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Moose!

She makes me smile from the inside out, and makes me laugh from my toes up...but man, she's TROUBLE!

So far this week, Moose has destroyed the house with her toys thrown all over the main floor; used a cooler as her personal step stool to get into all sorts of trouble...like getting on top of the kitchen counter to get into the cookie container and help herself to a handful; got herself trapped in the laundry basket; used our furniture as her very own jungle gym and trampoline; destroyed my dried roses leaving crumbled up rose petals all over the carpet; ripped off the "g", "a", "e" and "tab" keys off the keyboard (i'm still trying to re-attach the "a"); opened up some sort of computer writing program thingy in facebook; dressed lucy up in hair pretties on her ears and tail; used the swiffer clean & shine spray bottle to make herself "pitty" (she smells like vanilla and lavender)...all in her hair, on her face and arms); and emptied out the dvd's from the cases and hid them...still looking for a couple of those right now.

I spend my day chasing her and saying "Emma Yvonne, STOP that right now!"...then i get tired, plop myself down in the chair and just laugh...

Life is crazy, but what can u do?

to those i love, peace,


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